I’ve been playing for nearly 20 years, and I’ve been performing for about half that time. A lot of guitars pass through your hands. I have to say, and this is not just because Dave is a friend, that Keeley Guitars are among the best instruments I’ve ever played. A guitar either feels right, or it doesn’t. I’ve never heard an instrument Dave has built that didn’t feel and sound perfect. The craftsmanship is top-notch, the materials are the best you can find, and he has a profound respect for the traditions of luthiers, and that shows in his work. Now that he’s gone full-time, I expect to see these instruments in the hands of the greats.
— Alex Ashley - Working Musician
I’ve played a Keeley acoustic guitar, and an electric bass. The sound of the bass was leagues beyond anything our band was using at the time. It was just a richness of tone that was noticeable and superior. As for the Keeley acoustic, typically, most acoustic guitars will be a little more work to play than electrics. But the acoustic six-string I played felt like I picked up one of my electrics, and the design and craftsmanship were absolutely beautiful.
— Michael Pickett - Working Musician
I am using my Keeleys’ all week and weekend at various festivals around the area. I always get great compliments about them. Thanks for the great instruments!
— Mellad Abeid - Gonzaga University Music Department
While generic guitars can be finely made instruments, a handmade guitar built by a craftsman such as David Keeley is really a treat. Dave was able to create an amazing instrument integrating some features I was hoping to see and hear, seamlessly. Both of my Keeley handmade guitars are a treasured part of my collection.
— Jim Mensik - Collector
My Keeley bass is more than just a bass, it is an amazing experience as well. Dave took the time to listen to every design nuance that I had and incorporated them into a stunning custom double longhorn. The English walnut body and quilted Maple top and neck come together for endless sustain and bell like tone. The bass passed my expectations for a one off custom instrument. A blessing to Mr. Keeley.
— David Blanck - Working Musician